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Cartoon Clipshow: 79 – Solarman

Solarman is not exactly the brightest super hero ever, as Robthewonderful takes a look at marvel’s shortest lived hero.

New Doctor Who Companion Revealed

The BBC have just revealed Pearl Mackie will be playing Bill, the newest companion to join the Doctor for the 10th Season of Doctor Who. On joining the cast in ...

Let’s (Re)Dub 999 Pt 9 – Evacuate!

Welcome back to Let’s (Re)Dub 999! In this episode, Junpei, Clover, and Lotus finish up the room, escape a fire, and meet back up with everyone else befor...

Good Robot PC Review

Good Robot, Evil Corporation, GREAT GAME! AN INSTANT CLASSIC! Good Robot from Indian development studio; Pyrodactyl Games, mixes the roguelike, dungeon crawling...

Sup With | Trackmania Turbo

Trackmania Turbo a game most people didn’t ask for but Ubisoft gave it to us anyway… and it’s good.

Cartoon Clipshow: 78 – Popeye the Sailor

1933 was a simpler time for cartoons and no cartoon was more apparent than Popeye.

Unravel | Pagan Perspective

Unravel “It tugs at our heartstrings”

Sup With | Pokken Tournament

Tekken X Pokemon makes for a surprisingly fun time… at times…

Ace Gamer Show – AVGN Adventures (Feat. WizWar100)

New season of the Ace Gamer show starts off with the review that I spent over A YEAR to get done and finally got it out! Mike Maverick with his special guest Wi...

Digimon Adventure Tri Part 2: Ketsui Review

There will be tears as Digimon Adventure Tri returns with Part 2: Ketsui (Determination). *SPOILER FREE Last year Digimon returned with a new adventure with som...

Sup With | Far Cry Primal

Gorgeous environments, but too much grinding.

Just Cause 3 | Pagan Perspective

Happy March 10th

Dreii Review

Soothing, charming and beautiful. There are not many games out there that can bring a smile to my face from the instant I start playing, but Dreii is one of tho...

Cartoon Clipshow: 77 – The Thing

It’s clobberin’ time as Robthewonderful checks out the 1979 cartoon The Thing.

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