Comical and Inspirational Minds that loves Anime, Gaming, comics and everything in between.

Our goal is to keep you up to date with all the latest in the geek and otaku world and keep you entertained with high quality original comedic and informative video content.

We have some of the most passionate and supportive fans anyone could ask for. When we thought about quitting, our fans would rise up and show us we still have plenty more to offer. We can’t put it into words how much we love you all and we making it our mission to grown together. first started off as, this was where Jamiethecomic would upload his work but has since grown into much more than a simple portfolio.

We have had some of our best memories on Caiminds and we don’t plan on slowing down until we reach our goals.

About Us
Jamie C
CEO, Content Management, Contributor

Also known as Jamiethecomic, he is the founder of Caiminds. During his time at college Jamie began doing movie reviews as a mental exercise for him to understand the movie for his TV and Film Production course. After finishing college, he continued doing reviews after praise from his viewers and his love of making online video content.

He now runs Caiminds as a way to help him reach his goal to make feature length movies and provide a place where fair, balanced news, opinions are shared and a community can flourish.

About Us
Andrew D
Assistant Director, Producer

Known to you as FishDragon. Fish has been with Caiminds since it’s second month of being live and is now the Assistant Director of Caiminds. His main role is to ensure the site looks polished and research into making Caiminds better than it already is.

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