Project D Online Review | Is it Worth Playing through

Sorry if I haven’t got the chance to work on the AVGN Adventures because I GOT A FIRST SPONSORSHIP REVIEW! Thanks to Power Up TV for giving me a game to review and that’s an indie-based MMORPG game known as Project D Online!

Hello, fellow team turnabout! This is Mike Maverick and welcome to a very first installment of–Is it worth playing through!

Project Daikon Online is an indie based MMORPG game from Daikon. Some people call it Project D. Project Dee-Dee? Project DeDeDe? Project DEE DEE DEE!

Anyways, the aspect of this MMO is where you’re a random space explore stranded in this unknown planet, and the only way through it is survival! You have to stand your ground. You have to grow stronger while you’re exploring through this massive levels of pure mayhem against Mushrooms, snails, and Shovel Rats…

This game will have you play with anyone or against anyone with PvP mode. The only problem is I can’t find anyone to play with online. Oh well.

About my character, I have to create Milly Maverick because…FUCK REALITY! THAT’S WHY! Using her as a class of a guardian, she’s more of a weapon wielder. I suggest for female guardians is a gun-type weapon because she looks hot with a sexy mini-skirt suit with a gun. Yeah…I’ve been watching too much Agent Aika to come up with that character. I don’t have time to go over other classes like espers and striders, but I have a feeling that striders are good with melee and espers are great when it comes to healing.

Anyways, supportive language is both Japanese and English, however some expressions can be awkward. Rumor has it that the game will have Japanese and English voiceovers, and I will look into it later on. The dedicated servers are mostly into 4 regions. US. East and West, European West, and Japan East.

The graphics are simple. It’s not the top notch graphics you expect from Final Fantasy Online and DC Universe Online, but when it comes to this game, you get what you have. It even run for the ancient specs for your PC so you don’t have to worry about lowering down the graphics.

the game has 125 missions, but a game like this I expect more, and I love the decent boss battles. Now for the question. Is it worth playing through? Yes! Cause I will like to see more with this game and I hope this game won’t get a shut-down like…another favorite MMO of mine, but this is a worth playing and worth checking out, and if you’re into fancy graphics for your lust for graphics, then this game isn’t for you, but if you’re in to graphics and don’t give a crap…? GO FOR IT!

And I wanna give a huge thanks to Power-Up TV and Castle Fanatica for sending me this game for review purpose!

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