The Introduction – Super Ace Gamer

Ace Gamer

skip to 3:20 if you want the episode and not to hear me talk about my Twitch channels and line up on Twitch.

Anyways, welcome to the Super Ace Gamer Show as I will provide you with the awesomeness content of the show.



Special thanks to Ed Prins-Stairs and Al “Snow” Mok (Wizwar100) for brief cameos, Kenny Benjamin as the voice of Larry Butz, Ed Prins-Stairs for the Larry Butz animation and the Super Ace Gamer intro, Mike Mertes for the Super Ace Gamer theme.

I'm just a filmer who make videos for fun, and loves to show them to my friends and my fans. I'm also a gamer, a voice acting fan, an anime loving otaku and love being a nerd. Support me on Patreon:

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