10 PS2 games we want for PS4


Rebuying a legendary collection

Many gamers are very cautious of rebuying their old game collection. Especially considering if that game offers nothing new from the first time. That’s why we had a sudden influx of PS2 remasters on PS3. When it was announced that PS4 would be receiving emulation for PS2 classics, many gamers dismissed it as a cheap cash in. But then it was also announced these classic releases will come with improved graphics, upscale to full 1080p and trophy support. Games no longer had to be fully reprogramed and retextured. Making it easy(er) to repackage with the features we want from a rerelease. Suddenly gamers rejoiced and were begging PlayStation to rerelease their favourite games so they can buy them again. But the PS3 could also play PS2 games via select emulation so why is PS4 so special?


It may not be as exciting as Xbox One being backwards compatible with select Xbox 360 titles with better framerates. It may not also be as exciting as being able to play with our physical copies of the games on the console… but it has FREAKING TROPHIES! And just like many others, I am more than willing to be suckered into buying my favourite games again to increase my trophy count. Rules to make it onto the list: They can’t already have next gen versions like Gun or Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005) as they both were also on Xbox 360 and they can’t already have been released as part of a HD remaster like Sly Cooper or Beyond Good and Evil. So with PS2 classics returning on PS4 with upscaled 1080p graphics and Trophy support, we look at 10 games we want in our collection again.

10) Simpsons Hit and Run

Who says Licensed games have to suck? And who says GTA clones also have to suck? Well, Simpsons Hit and Run shows that both can work, and work really well. The Simpsons were no stranger to being slapped into a variety of clone games. They took up skateboarding and even crazy taxi-ing. But when it was announced they would be in a GTA clone many concerns were raised. Thankfully we were worried for nothing. Simpsons Hit and Run offers a fun, wacky and humours 8-10-hour campaign, with many things to do on the side. Simpsons Hit and Run would be a nostalgia trip and I want my Trophy List to include more Simpsons games. If GTA 3 could get a platinum so can this!


9) Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy

When this game was first realeased, many reviewers drew comparisons with the Legend of Zelda… and who doesn’t want a Zelda like experience of a PlayStation Console? My only compliant with this game is there is no voice acting, so just like Zelda you are stuck with reading. Ugh! But despite this, you have a very underappreciated game. Memorable characters, smooth gameplay with the right amount of difficulty and a fun story. Who doesn’t like playing a mummy and Demi God, while solving platforming puzzles to break the mummy’s curse and beat the bad guy?


8) SSX Tricky

Let’s face it. 2012’s “Reboot” of SSX wasn’t that great. It was still fun but it was a “Reboot” that wasn’t needed. Why take the colourful design of the originals and slap on the greyscale filter? It also wasn’t that difficult to play as for the most part you could button mash your way to a high score. So, let’s remind everyone why SSX is a great franchise by bringing back the best one. No one wants to play SSX for realistic…ish visuals and physics, they want to play a fun, bright and colourful arcade extreme sports games. Let’s show we want THAT SSX back by shouting to the high heavens we want this classic back and we will buy it to show we want THIS SSX back.


7) Metal Arms: Glitch in the System

Another gem that unfortunately flew under many people’s radars. You play as Glitch as he joins forces with the Droids in their fight against General Corrosive and his Milbots. Imagine the gameplay of Ratchet and Clank crossed with the story of Transformers and you have Metal Arms: Glitch in the System.


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