Caiminds’ Statement regarding Hyrule Bard (aka Hyrule Anime)


I would like to thank those who have Private Messaged us voicing your concerns regarding the recent controversy surrounding one of our former Content Creators Hyrule Bard (known to us when he first began on the site as Hyrule Anime).

I would first like to apologise for the late response as it was due to myself being on vacation and away from the internet while this incident was taking place.

For clarity sake, Hyrule hasn’t been with Caiminds Since July 2018 but considering Caiminds has a very unorganised release schedule of content it’s easy to get confused with who is still part of us. So, we felt we needed to speak about the events that have unfolded.

Hyrule lost track of the common morals we as creators set out to abide by and morals we at Caiminds should be following and setting an example of. We take these types of matters very seriously and I can ensure you that if this took place while we were still working together, action would have been taken. We will however, be taking steps towards removing his past content from our Archives.

Although we cut ties after “Creative Differences” we vouched we would maintain contact considering our history.

From everyone working behind the scenes and the content creators at Caiminds, we hope Hyrule has learnt his lesson and hope he will take the necessary steps towards making this right and moving on in a positive way for his own sake.

Despite this however, there is one positive thing to come out of this. Hyrule has brought light to a disease that is very much real and work is still needed to eradicate it completely. If you have been affected by this, would like to learn more or donate to worthy causes, set out to research and combat the Lupus disease, I will include links below.

Thank you for your time and we wish you all the best!

– The Caiminds Team

Lupus Disease Research Charities:


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