Missed out on the SNES Classic? Here are 5 better alternatives


Missed out on the SNES Classic? Here are 5 better alternatives

It seems impossible to pick up a SNES Classic Edition at the moment… Nintendo’s console is in such a high demand, that you probably missed the pre-orders and read every article that declares “more stock available” at certain stores just a few hours too late to get one!

And we get your frustration. Why can’t they just be a normal company and make enough stock to fulfil demand? Why can’t they focus on making every customer happy, rather than making it exclusive?

Source: Nintendo

So the question changes in your mind – from “where can I get one? I’m desparate,” to “where do I go from here?”

Well, the answer is simpler than you think… Not only are there plenty of alternatives, they are actually far better than Nintendo’s console – many of them actually play the old cartridges! Here are just five we found after a quick search on Amazon.

Cyber Gadget 12 in 1

So let’s kick off with a 12 in 1 monster of a console. Packed with support for every legacy console you could possibly imagine, this is sure to satisfy any retro gamer’s desires.

But things get better… As this console is armed with USB ports, you can connect any kind of controller and play straight away.

If you were never a fan of the classic controllers, this is perfect as you can game with your PS4 or Xbox One pad. But if you want the old school feel, there are controller adaptors included.

Retro bit 3 in 1 console

So what makes a 3 in 1 console a worthy contender to a 12 in 1? Simple – the price. At just over $60, it’s actually cheaper than the SNES Mini!

The Retro bit takes NES, SNES and Sega Genesis cartridges, and while there are no pre-loaded games, old game cartridges are super simple to buy online.

And that means you could pick up one of our favourites – Super Caesars Palace! Granted, it doesn’t come with the big jackpots of more recent online casino games like we can find on the homepage of Bitcasino, this was always a great poker game to chill out with after a stressful day at work.

Source: Game Fabrique

Retro Freak 12 in 1

Don’t let the price scare you away from this 12 in 1 console, as you get support for PC Engine, TurboGrafx, NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, Famicom and Game Boy!

And that’s not all, as the Retro Freak comes with an SD Card slot for installing your own game ROMs and an HDMI output, to ensure your games look better than ever.

Atari Flashback 7

Now, if you don’t want to worry about buying cartridges – simply wanting the same experience of picking up a small console that isan homage to the past, then the Atari Flashback 7 is your perfect choice.

Simple plug and play gaming, filled with a library of games that you know and love, this is the easiest way into retro gaming you can get. Prime present material for the holiday season!

Hyperkin Retron5 5 in 1

Finally, a console that solves a very big issue with the NES & SNES Classic… The controller wire length.

At just over a metre on the NES Classic and 1.5 metres on the SNES Classic, this is not acceptable – leading to a gaming experience excruciatingly close to the TV!

Well, Hyperkin Retron5 eliminates that problem with totally wireless controllers. And your retro love isn’t limited to just Nintendo’s old home consoles, as you get experience for the NES, SNES, Genesis, Famicom and Gameboy (all the way up to GBA) carts.

There you have it. Any of these consoles will make you mourn the missed opportunity to get that SNES mini less – or at least keep you company until you manage to grab one.

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