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It’s that time of year again where for me I am bored at of my mind and I need something to play until I find something or I surrender to the in crowd and buy something that I didn’t really want to. But that is not the case right now thanks to a little game called Wracked by Final Boss Entertainment.


Good old fashion boss battle!

In the 2052 humanity has found world peace and demilitarized thanks to the science which has found a way to create infinite resources. Yet, our main protagonist Kain feels that something isn’t right and short after the world is attacked by aliens, Arcturans. Nothing that really reinvents the wheel here in terms of story but what I what really had me curious was the humor. I am happy the game knows what it is, basic sci-fi story, and make a good joke here and there, but to me all is was is and I see what you did there or just flew right over my head since the reference was too out there or I just never got it. Even if the reference is not understood, you at least need to apply some fascination to it, that way it sticks.

The game itself is a fun time but it wanted me to play one way, with combos and kill chains, not to say I didn’t pull them off but when I played it, all I did was suave left to right easily during gun play. As for sword play it was back and forth instead due to the enemies who do a melee attack and I could get away that fast. Also when playing with the sword, I had a hard time feeling the range which also might of affected how I did my attack pattern.  Yet still the game was fast and filled the reasonable amount of enemies that it did feel fast paced for the old school area shooter that the design was aiming for (no pun intended). However I do wish there was more than one way to slice and shoot but I understand the reasoning that you don’t want it to feel bloated.



Wracked also comes with a score attack mode as well as a time attack mode both sublimates for completive multiplayer through leaderboard competition. Though if you were expecting new maps you will be disappointed since it is all replaying through the single player levels again.

The cell shaded graphics look nice and go hand and hand with comic book style cut scenes as well as running at a good 30 frames per second with a hiccup every now and then. Yet this might me my fault a little bit since I am running at stock computer parts but still Jamie did do a test for me and did notice a slight frame rate dip every now and then going to 27 to 28 frames but nothing too noticeable. Also I would like to note the sound is average and nothing to complain about voice acting wise since there is none. A bit of a disappointment but I will say the music has a good kick to it which made me feel like a real ass kicker.



Also as a side note someone has made the original doom for game thanks to the steam workshop which hats off to the creator of it. I do like this addition and hope more content comes of it but I hope it doesn’t replace developer created levels since I hear there are expansion in the works.

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