When I'm not busy making videos as Jamiethecomic I like to play games, watch anime and my new found hobby writing articles.

The fall of the not so Channel Awesome

Channel Awesome, previously known as thatguywiththeglasses.com has come under fire today and it’s not looking good for the once acclaimed collaborative we...[Read More]

Fantastic 4 Comics Returning

After a 3 years absence, Marvel’s first family the Fantastic 4 is set to return in August 2018 in monthly installments. Fantastic 4’s cancellation in 2015...[Read More]

Mega Man 11 Officially Announced by Capcom

ITS ALIVE!!! After a slew of canceled projects, and 7 years since his last main isntalment, Megaman is set to come out of retirement for Megaman 11 in late 2018...[Read More]

Hurricane Maria Victims are receiving PlayStation Plus extension

Sony issues Extension on PlayStation Plus for Hurricane Maria Victims Were you one of the unfortunate ones effected by the recent hurricane’s in the South East ...[Read More]

Sonic Forces Review

Sonic trips Up… again. Game reviewed on PS4 (Review Code not provided) Also available on Xbox One, Switch, PC The very idea of Sonic Forces has always had me in...[Read More]

Moira The Newest Overwatch Hero Announced

Moira’s moveset is insane! Blizzcon 2017 has kicked off with a slew of new announcements from their already popular catalog of games, including the announ...[Read More]

De Blob is splatting it’s way to PS4 and Xbox One

THQ Nordic have today announced in collaboration with Blitworks, de Blob will be coming to PS4 and Xbox One November 14th 2017. De Blob is a platform-puzzle gam...[Read More]

Silicon Echo Studios Responds to Valve’s Removal of Their Games

Developer of nearly 200 games responses to removal of their games from Steam. On the 26th September 2017, it was reported at Polygon that Valve had removed near...[Read More]

Sonic Forces Release Date and Bonus Edition Announced.

Persona 5 x Sonic Sega have just announced Sonic Forces will release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC on November 7 in North America and Europe and w...[Read More]

Yu-Gi-Oh! Announces Link Monsters

IT’S TIME TO LEARN HOW TO DU-U-U-U-U-UEL ALL OVER AGAIN! A new generation of Yu-Gi-Oh is upon us and with that; comes a new type of card to add to your de...[Read More]

God of War Meets Attack on Titan in EXTINCTION

Attack on Orges Only you stand between humanity and Extinction. With a premise like that it’s hard not to get excited as Iron Galaxy and Maximum Games ann...[Read More]

UK Retailer GAME may soon only sell Pre-Owned Games Consoles

Does this spell the end for UK Retailer GAME? UK retailer GAME hasn’t exactly had the smoothest of years as of late and it may be getting worse if a recen...[Read More]

Destiny 2 Offically Revealed, Confirmed for PC

After weeks of teasing, Destiny 2 has officially been confirmed and is will be released September 8 for PS4, Xbox One, and to the prise of many gamers, PC too. ...[Read More]

PlayStation Plus April 2017 Free Games revealed!

Finished last month’s PlayStation Plus’ March offerings of free games? No? You better hurry up because April 2017’s offerings include the much...[Read More]

Old Time Hockey PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch – Review

Classic arcade Ice Hockey games were buggy, clunky yet fun… Shame Old Time Hockey forgot the fun REVIEWED ON PC ALSO AVAILABLE ON PS4 (NA ONLY) SOON TO BE...[Read More]

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