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Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls PS4 Released Date Announced

NIS America have just announced the next chapter in the Danganronpa series; Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls, will be arriving on PlayStation 4 ...[Read More]

Old Time Hockey Looks Set to Make Hockey Fun Again

With games evolving to look and feel more realistic every day, many developers begin to forget the whole point of Video Games is to be fun. Enter Vancouver base...[Read More]

Liberty City coming to GTA V!

GTA V is definetly no short of community mods these days, but one in paticular could prove to be the most ambitious yet. The OpenIV team are taking on the task ...[Read More]

Konami stocks Skyrocket after Kojima Fallout

It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of Konami or Hideo Kojima, all gamers know of Konami and Kojima’s split that occurred about a year ago. It was on...[Read More]

Need For Speed VR Announced

EA have just announced, that popular arcade racing Series; Need for Speed will be drifting it’s way onto VR in the form of Need for Speed No Limits VR, ex...[Read More]

EA Announce Titanfall 2 Free Multiplayer This Weekend

Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts Inc have announced that Titanfall 2’s full multiplayer will be available as a free trial. The trial will begin f...[Read More]

Xbox Games For Gold December 2016 announced

Xbox have taken to their offical twitter to announce the last Games for Gold Line-Up for the year. Those with an Xbox Live Gold account are entitled some of the...[Read More]

Cars 3 First Look

Disney Pixar have released the first trailer for Cars 3, which is set for a June 16th 2017 release. Cars 3 follows the legendary NASCAR car, Lightning McQueen (...[Read More]

A Rose in the Twilight Coming Spring 2017

NIS America have just announced that the puzzle platformer A Rose in the Twilight, known in Japan as “Roze to Tasogare no Kojou” will be coming to N...[Read More]

10 PS2 games we want for PS4

Rebuying a legendary collection Many gamers are very cautious of rebuying their old game collection. Especially considering if that game offers nothing new from...[Read More]

PlayStation Plus Novemeber 2016 Free Games Released US/EU

Novmember’s US/EU free Playstation Plus games have been released via the offical PlayStation Blog. After a decent couple of months of free titles, Playsta...[Read More]

Digimon Adventure Tri Part 3: Kokuhaku Review

A secret is about to endanger the very people they wanted to keep safe in Digimon Adventure Tri Part 3: Kokuhaku (Confession). *SPOILER FREE We are now half way...[Read More]

Complete Destiny Collection Announced

For those who have yet to purchase Destiny and thinking of doing so, now might be a great oppotunity to as Activision and Bungie have just announced Destiny: Th...[Read More]

PlayStation Neo to be unveiled on September 7th

Is the the PlayStation Neo, known to some as the PlayStation 4.5 set to be announced on September 7th? Colin Moriarty from KindaFunny announced on his Twitter t...[Read More]

Sonic Mania – Sonic 25th Anniversary Game

During arguably the most hyped (and slightly delayed) event for Sonic The Hedgehog fans; Sonic 25th Anniversary Party in San Diego treated us to the announcemen...[Read More]

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