When I'm not busy making videos as Jamiethecomic I like to play games, watch anime and my new found hobby writing articles.

Halo Online for PC announced!

Halo Online for PC! It’s the news no one was expecting but the one we were hoping for, a Halo FPS game on PC… but there’s a catch. The game is...[Read More]

First look of Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor

Entertainment Weekly just revealed our first look at Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Eisenberg is known for playing Mark Zu...[Read More]

Confirmed! The X-Files is returning to TV!

Time to wash your 12 year old “I want to Believe” Shirt as Fox has just sent out a Press Release confirming the recent rumors that The X-Files is re...[Read More]

God of War Comes to PlayStation 4

The Ghost of Sparta himself will be making his PlayStation 4 debut in the form of God of War 3 Remastered to help celebrate 10 years of killing gods, but to be ...[Read More]

Live Action Attack on Titan Trailer Video Premiere!

The first footage for the live action Attack on Titan is out and we are worried… in a good way and no I am not talking about the rumored American Adaptation I’m...[Read More]

Pixels Movie Trailer Hits

I have been skeptical about this movie since it was first announced. The idea of video games coming to life and Adam Sandler is sent out to stop them, it sounde...[Read More]

Nintendo’s Next Game Console is Nintendo NX

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has officially announced a new Nintendo Console currently name NX is in the works and we should be hearing more sometime next ye...[Read More]

New Digimon Adventure Tri Images and Details

Digimon Adventure Tri, the new series in the show will be returning to it’s old routes and the latest news and images gives us hope. Everyone who knows me...[Read More]

Live-Action Legend of Zelda Series in the works!

After many fan videos, April fools jokes and very cruel comments from LOZ haters, it appears we are finally getting a Live-Action Legend of Zelda TV Series. Leg...[Read More]

First look at Frozen Fever

We hear that people really like this budget b-movie “Frozen”. So much so that Disney have today released details and images for it’s upcoming ...[Read More]

Star Lord is a loser! But the Children are the Winners!

Wow… what a game! I stayed up until 3:30am… yet no Batman Vs Superman Trailer?! In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, Super Bow...[Read More]

SEGA are Dying!

SEGA are dying! Or it appears they may be close to it as recent revelations have indicated that 300 employees will be offered voluntary retirement. This move is...[Read More]

Nintendo YouTube MCN

Remember some time back when Nintendo started claiming copyright for gameplay on Nintendo owned licences? Well now we finally have an explanation as to why they...[Read More]

uPlay Keys Were Sold Fraudently

I wanted to wait until all the deatils were known before reporting about it, but ubisoft have made a statment in regards of the games they removed from accounts...[Read More]

Fantastic 4 Reboot Movie Trailer Released

Film goers of Kingsman: The Secret Service were treated with a first look at the new Fantastic 4 Reboot Trailer before anyone else. Now Fox have been kind enoug...[Read More]

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