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Sup With | Trackmania Turbo

Trackmania Turbo a game most people didn’t ask for but Ubisoft gave it to us anyway… and it’s good.

Unravel | Pagan Perspective

Unravel “It tugs at our heartstrings”

Sup With | Pokken Tournament

Tekken X Pokemon makes for a surprisingly fun time… at times…

Sup With | Far Cry Primal

Gorgeous environments, but too much grinding.

Just Cause 3 | Pagan Perspective

Happy March 10th

Fallout 4 | Pagan Perspective

Pagan sells out hard as he reviews Fallout 4.

Batman Arkham Knight | Pagan Perspective

Does the Dark Knight stand a chance against Pagan? The Pagan reviews Rocksteady’s Batman Arkham Knight.

Witcher 3 | Pagan Perspective

A Pagan Perspective review of Witcher 3 Wild Hunt for PC, PS4 & XO by Supcakes?! USE PILLS!

Bloodborne | Pagan Perspective

“Review of Bloodborne found on Caiminds. Can be thrown at social media. Quite thrilling.”

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