Brawlout – PS4, XO, Switch, PC – REVIEW



Super Smash Bros Indie!

Reviewed on PS4 (Review Code was Provided by Publisher)
Also Available on Xbox One, Switch, Steam

Right off the bat it’s safe to say Brawlout is inspired by Super Smash Bros, same as PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal was, but that’s not a bad thing. It’s just a shame that the lack of polish is keeping it from reaching it’s full potential.

I have had a blast with Brawlout and it’s a great alternative for gamers who those who don’t have a Super Smash Bros game or plan to get Super Smash Bros Ultimate any time soon.

Nintendo relied on their cast of characters to sell the first Super Smash Bros on the N64, but Brawlout doesn’t have that and it doesn’t need to.

Each character, even those you need to unlock, was fun to play. Some characters are heavy hitters, some move faster and some are able to jump higher to give you more change of survival. Although characters fall into a bracket of fighting style, each character feels unique with some being easier to master than others. The inclusion Juan Aguacate from Guacamelee and Yooka-Laylee as guest characters certainly got the attention this game deserves and also make great additions to the rooster in their own right.

You have Arcade mode with pits you one-on-one with the entire rooster of characters. In standard arcade fighting fashion, by completing the Arcade mode you are treated with an end card for each character. The issue I have always had with these is that they always feel lazy and that’s made more apparent here. It’s feels so static and plain. You don’t feel any accomplishment it feels like a chore to unlock these. One image, click past a few text boxes and immediately back to the main menu. Feels very under whelming. Just as underwhelming as the text boxes that appear before each match. They try and tell a story, but these just act as what I like to call’ “beef boxes”. “Why you here?” “Why not?!” “Leave now!” “No…” “Then let’s fight”. That’s sums up the pre-match smack talk. It should’ve been left on the cutting floor.

The main attraction however is in it’s 4-player matches. This is where the game shines and where you and your friends will be spending most of your time. The game is more fast paced compared to other games of this genre and it makes for some pretty intense action. Just when you think you have them beat, your friend will try with all their might to make their way back to the platform. At 200% damage they were still able to hang on. Even with the lack of platform variety, every time they were able to exploit the field to their advantage.

I have no issues with the gameplay or it’s modes. I think Angry Mod Games did an amazing job considering the expectations they had for this game. My issues lie with its lack of polish. Characters look great, but the overall presentation is lacking. Some areas fit well with the art direction they were going for, but others look so low quality it feels like it was a rush job.

Sound effects don’t have the same impact gamers come to expect with a title like this, making matches feel as flat as one-on-ones do. Music however, is great. Each stage has their own fitting music that helps bring them to life.

In my time with online multiplayer I have only had a few hiccups with slow down and matchmaking connections. When I thought I was getting connected, I would be waiting a few minutes before it realised my opponent had left. Thankfully these were far between so take my experience with a pinch of salt.