Caiminds Podcast – Episode 10 – Mark Zuckerberg Hates Superman & Teddies Kill!

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It’s an all-star cast this week as it’s our 10th episode as we discuss why Mark Zuckerberg hates Superman, why teddies Kill and why is the sky blue?
This Weeks hosts: Jamiethecomic, Pinkshuchan, Fishdragon and LJ

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0:00 – Fish nearly chocks to death

1:13 – Intros

2:37 – Dangan Ronpa gets an English release and LJ is not paid to advertise it!

4:51 – If you didn’t think Pink could get any more excited she being to talk about Black Butler Season 3

5:09 – Pinkshuchan’s internet cuts out… and the rest go insane!

7:10 – Pinkshuchan returns to finish off her topic

11:10 – New Man of steel 2 / Batman Vs Superman cast is announced!

20:31 – WAKFU: The Animated Series on kickstarter

21:42 – Studio Ghibli is getting its first TV series: RONJA THE ROBBER’S DAUGHTER


23:40 – IronBryan: Favourate movies??

26:41 – Why is the sky blue?

27:40 – Jamie why do you do that terrible American voice?

28:20 – Jamie why Japanese?

30:20 – Closing out

I make videos for fun. Don't know why... maybe I enjoy the suffering of trying to get a video out in time. But I do them... I also play video games... like that hasn't been said before.

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