Caiminds Podcast – Episode 14 – Batman… sucks?

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Jamie speaks his mind on Batman, Pink speaks Japanese rhythm and Fishdragon discusses the future of Shenmue. That and more on this week’s podcast!

This week’s hosts; Jamiethecomic, Fish Dragon, Pinkshuchan and LJ

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0:00 – Intro

2:01 – LJ gives his thoughts on his latest viewing of Black Butler

4:58 – Pink tells us why she is excited about Project Diva 2nd

8:45 – SEGA has messed up their copyright licencing of Shenmue and the 3rd may never happen. Fishdragon explains

17:37 – The Podcast’s biggest Batman fan Jamie is pissed off with a rumoured announcement of a 4th batman Arkham game

22:00 – It’s time for E-mails!

22:20 – What is the one game in your collection you will always return to?

24:00 – If you had the option to talk to any anime character, who will it be and what will you tell them about their future?

25:48 – If you were in a Gender Bender anime, what would you do in the anime?

28:05 – Signing out

I make videos for fun. Don't know why... maybe I enjoy the suffering of trying to get a video out in time. But I do them... I also play video games... like that hasn't been said before.

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