Caiminds Podcast – Episode 17 – ENDING NOJITSU!

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More Black Butler news, No ninjutsu can save Naruto and more british people loves Batman Arkham Knight!

This week’s hosts; Fishdragon, Pinkshuchan, Ryan

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0:00 – Intros

1:10 – A bad pun begins Black Butler news from Pinkshuchan

7:10 – Ninjutsu can’t save Naruto

11:28 – Fishdragon is sad to hear the end of some Shifty Look works

13:27 – Can playing a video game make you racist? Of course not! But the news likes to bitch about it!

21:05 – New British guy, Ryan shares his excitement for Batman Arkham Knight


26:30 – You’re in a yaoi, what position?

27:50 – Why is the sky not pink?

28:34 – What would your anime theme be?

29:27 – Any type of music you didn’t expect to like?

33:42 – Closing out!

I make videos for fun. Don't know why... maybe I enjoy the suffering of trying to get a video out in time. But I do them... I also play video games... like that hasn't been said before.

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