Caiminds Podcast – Episode 18 – Sexy anime Nazi girls… WTF?!

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Anime girls and nazis DON’T mix! Facebook and Oculus Rift SHOULDN’T mix! Screwattack and Fullscreen DO mix! All that and more on this week’s caiminds podcast.

This week’s hosts; Jamiethecomic, Omni, Fishdragon, Copper

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0:00 – Intros

1:52 – Omni gives his thoughts on his recently completed game; Thomas was Alone

4:23 – Jamie was spoke in the past of his love for Bioshock infinite, what about Burial at Sea Episode 2?

7:53 – Copper shares his opinions on the latest Spiderman comic story line and the next installment

13:30 – Like card games? What about Card games with hot anime Nazi girls? Fish doesn’t approve

17:14 – Omni shares his disgust for a politician’s solution to stop bullying

23:01 – Jamie remains optimistic for the new TMNT movie

31:13 – The gang share why they are not enthusiastic for Facebook buying the oculus rift

34:16 – Screwattack sells out… and its a good thing!

36:40 – Signing out

I make videos for fun. Don't know why... maybe I enjoy the suffering of trying to get a video out in time. But I do them... I also play video games... like that hasn't been said before.

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