Caiminds Podcast – Episode 21 – We are back! WITH SEXY LJ!

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The Caiminds Podcast returns discussing, Dangan Ronpa 2, the lack of talk of the PS Vita and Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright.

This week’s hosts; Jamiethecomic, Pinkshuchan and LJ

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0:00 – Intro

2:04 – LJ gives his thought on Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright

8:37 – Frozen is getting sequel… kinda

16:00 – Disney vets making a 2D animated movie

23:23 – ITS DANGAN RONPA TIME! Jamie flips out!

26:51 – Why has the PS Vita not getting a lot of promotion?

36:10 – New Segment! WHATS ON YOUR CAIMIND!

37:00 – LJ; What is better to look at? Jaba the hut in a dress made of shit or me (LJ) in a skirt?

38:57 – Pink; What is your favourite flavour or Orange juice?

40:17 – Jamie; Who would you date? Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy or Catwoman?

42:12 – Signing Out

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