Caiminds Podcast – Episode 25 – Bleach is finally over!

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The Bleach anime finally ends… again, bee and puppy cat is… ok and Studio Ghibli is still making and releasing movies!

This week’s hosts; Jamiethecomic, Pinkshuchan, LJ and Haruko

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0:00 – Intro

1:47 – Surprise! Studio Ghibli are still making and releasing movies!

9:30 – Bee and Puppy Cat is… ok… so far

12:27 – Bleach is finally over… AGAIN! And may be returning!

23:42 – What’s on your Caimind?

24:35 – If you could make any flavoured ice cream, what would it be?

26:13 – What Yaoi/Yuri pairing would be apart of?

29:06 – What kind of drunk are you?

33:54 – Signing out

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