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Caiminds Podcast – Episode 9 – Attack of the Cars, Greddy King and random awesomeness

Caiminds Podcast Featured

Attack of the titans clever marketing with car, Greddy King and random awesomeness!
This Weeks hosts: Jamiethecomic, Pinkshuchan, Omnibenifical

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0:00 – Omni’s glad to be back!

0:12 – Intros

1:38 – Jamie gives his thoughts on the upcoming Attack on Titan’s live action movie and it’s cleaver marketing with a car manufacture.

4:00 – Pink is excited for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

9:13 – Jamie goes off topic for Kingdom Hearts 3 cheap pre-order

11:23 – Jamie trololo’s Omni and Omni updates us on his Bleach Abridged Project

12:12 – Jamie is pissed with King game’s new trademark of the words; “Candy” and “Saga”

14:40 – Jamie introduces some of the e-mails you have sent in to asks us

15:01 – Q: (No-Name) Everyone! What’s your all-time favourite anime?

16:29 – Q: (Skaft) Omni, if you were a pony for a day, what would you do?

18:11 – Q: (Shadd) Next time on your next pod cast. Have OmniB tell the story of the expired peanut butter. If he’s on there.

20:30 – Youtube inbox is BACK! And Omni likes GOOGLE+?!

23:00 – Q: (Strekk) Pinkshucan, how did ya get into voice acting?

28:45 – Signing out!

I make videos for fun. Don't know why... maybe I enjoy the suffering of trying to get a video out in time. But I do them... I also play video games... like that hasn't been said before.

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