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Caiminds Originals

A Sexy Letter to Nintendo

Nintendo, you have been going through some changes, here’s our open letter to you. Dear Nintendo, It has been made apparent to your stake holders and fans...

Jamiethecomic’s Analysis of The PS4 Reveal

Jamiethecomic’s Analysis of The Playstation 2013 Meeting http://blip.tv/jamiethecomic/jamiethecomic-s-analysis-of-the-playstation-2013-meeting-6542545

Jamie Interviews Valve

The following are raw uncut interviews from the Documentary; Behind the Controller: The making of a Gem < p> Interview With Gabe Newell CEO of Valve Software...

Behind the Controller: The making of a Gem

Ever wondered how a video game is made? In this documentary with exclusive interviews with Gabe Newell, Chet Faliszek and Erik Wolpaw from VALVE we will show yo...

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