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“Welcome to Review this Sh!t! The Show I review Sh!t you’re too pu**y to watch!”

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1 + 2 | Review this Sh!t

The only good Twilight Movie The only good Twilight Movie, yes there is a good Twilight movie… because people die… a lot… if only the franchis...

Twilight Eclipse | Review this Sh!t

Twilight Eclipse, it can only get better right? Check out the creators of the Dustep song used in this video FreebieFM

Twilight The New Moon| Review this Sh!t

With Jamie in a metal Hospital after reviewing the first Twilight Movie he has no choice but to give his review  of Twilight The New Moon to his doctor if he wa...

Review This Sh!t: Piri Piri Pot Noodle

Jamiethecomic ties you over till his “set” cough bedroom* cough is ready for more Review this Sh!t.

Review this Sh!t – Twilight (2008)

Jamie’s anger knows no bounds and has even caused him to go insane, all caused by one movie: Twilight. And he still has 4 more… how does he do it?

Spice World | Review this Sh!t

In a world, where Spice is no longer a food seasoning but instead a British Poop Band, comes the Spice Girls in Spice World. Reviewed by the very British Jamiet...

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie Pyramid of Light | Review this Sh!t

Jamie may have liked the show when he was a kid… but what does he think of the first English Movie Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie Pyramid of Light as an adult? http:...

High School Musical Trilogy | Review this Sh!t

Can Grease’s ugly baby conceived by the Disney Channel keep us entertained for long in the High School Musical Trilogy? Guest Star Tyranee

Twin Dragons | Review this Sh!t

Jamiethecomic and his clone review Twin Dragons the first Jackie Chan Movie to get get Jamie disappointed with his hero Jackie Chan.

Speed 2 | Review this Sh!t

Jamiethecomic reviews a sequel to a great movie that has no right to exist Speed 2. Also… what is up with Jamie? He’s acting weird…

Popeye | Review this Sh!t

Cartoons to live action movies have a rep for being terrible for not following the source material… but what if a movie was terrible for being too CLOSE t...

Hackers 1995 | Review this Sh!t

In a world where people dress liked they are from the 80s and 00s but live in the 90s, comes a movie with a questionable hardcore fan base, Hackers.

Christmas Carol: The Movie (2001) | Review this Sh!t

So… you think there doesn’t exists a bad Christmas Carol movie… Jamiethecomic is here to give you a slap and show you how wrong you are in a r...

Eight Crazy Nights | Review this Sh!t

Jamiethecomic reviews a holiday themed movie in time for the… well the holidays! The one film he can bring hatred to his fellow man Adam Sandler in Eight ...

Catwoman | Review this Sh!t

A batman universe character that has nothing to do with the Batman Universe… Catwoman is gonna suck isn’t it?

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