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“Welcome to Review this Sh!t! The Show I review Sh!t you’re too pu**y to watch!”

The Love Guru | Review this Sh!t

How do you end a career? Give Mike Myers the chance to make The Love Guru. Yes this actually happened it was that bad.

Review this Sh!t – An American Tail

An American Tail?! Why is Jamiethecomic reviewing this? It’s a good movie…right?

Comedian Review: Lee Evans

Jamiethecomic does something a little different by reviewing a Stand up comedian. Lee Evans!

Troll 2 | Review this Sh!t

Troll 2, a movie so bad it is considered the worst of the worst. Will Jamiethecomic be able to survive the entire movie of Troll 2?

The Air Up There | Review this Sh!t

In a time where sport montage movies and underdog where the shit, rather than shit comes Cool Running’s ugly sibling; The Air Up There.

Jamiethecomic’s Top 10 Nostalgic Cartoons | Review this Sh!t

Dexter’s Lab? Scooby Doo? The Flinstones? Digimon? Pokemon? What’s your favorite? Here are Jamiethecomic’s Top 10 Nostalgic Cartoons

Review this Sh!t – 8 Legged Freaks

Jamiethecomic reviews a b-movie classic 8 Legged Freaks… shame Jamie doesn’t see it that way.

Review this Sh!t – Dumber and Dumberer

Jamiethecomic has returned to do more reviews. This week he is going to review another sequel to a movie that starts Jim Carrey… oh and what a shock! The ...

Review this Sh!t – Son of The Mask

Jamiethecomic reviews the sequel to one of his all time favourite movies. But does the squeal fair up to the original?

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