Video Reviews

Video Reviews

Pound Technology PS2/PS1 HDMI Adapter Review – Super Ace Gamer

A PS2 adapter that upscales your video quality to 720p, but it’s the quality that you’re looking for?¬† Mike Maverick is taking a look at Pound Techn...

Cartoon Clipshow: 83 – Cadillacs and Dinosaurs

Cadillacs + Dinosaurs = $$$$$$$ Truly a winning combination!

Dragonball Evolution | Review this Sh!t

How do you guarantee a terrible live action anime movie? Give the Dragonball licence to FOX! You’ve asked for it! You’ve got it! My review of Dragon...

Cartoon Clipshow: 82 – Cinderella Once Upon A Time… In The West

The Lame, The Bad, And The Ugly… Cinderella Once Upon A Time… In The West is all kinds of bad as you can imagine. Check out more of my videos on my ...

Cartoon Clipshow: 79 – Solarman

Solarman is not exactly the brightest super hero ever, as Robthewonderful takes a look at¬†marvel’s shortest lived hero.

Unravel | Pagan Perspective

Unravel “It tugs at our heartstrings”

Sup With | Pokken Tournament

Tekken X Pokemon makes for a surprisingly fun time… at times…

Sup With | Far Cry Primal

Gorgeous environments, but too much grinding.

Just Cause 3 | Pagan Perspective

Happy March 10th

Cartoon Clipshow: 76 – Defenders of Dynatron City

Atomic Powered Sillyness in Defenders of Dynatron City! The animated series based of the game on NES from Lucasfilm Games with the same.

Cartoon Clipshow: 75 – Christmas in Tattertown

Christmas may be over for 2015 but we only have 363 days till Christmas 2016! So to get into the spirit here is Robthewonderful’s review of Christmas in T...

Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa | Review this Sh!t

Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa thought to be lost forever thanks to its extremely low reviews resurfaces and Jamie is not happy.

Fallout 4 | Pagan Perspective

Pagan sells out hard as he reviews Fallout 4.

Cartoon Clipshow: 74 – Star Wars: Droids: The Great Heep

R2-D2 and C-3PO are still not safe from RobTheWonderful’s judgmental eyes as he takes on the cartoon special of Star Wars: Droids: The Great Heep.

Batman Arkham Knight | Pagan Perspective

Does the Dark Knight stand a chance against Pagan? The Pagan reviews Rocksteady’s Batman Arkham Knight.

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