Digimon Adventure Tri Part 3: Kokuhaku Review



A secret is about to endanger the very people they wanted to keep safe in Digimon Adventure Tri Part 3: Kokuhaku (Confession). *SPOILER FREE

We are now half way through this dramatic reunion as Digimon Adventure Tri Part 3: Kokuhaku shows us the unfortunate side affects of being in the middle of an epic story. Digimon Adventure Tri Part 2: Ketsui had issues in it’s own right, but Part 3 has issues I sadly don’t think could of been avoided. That’s the trouble of being the middle part of any story, it’s a necessary evil.

Even if you weren’t a fan of Digimon, the cracks are easily visible in this slightly boring build up. Now I’m sure when I re-review Digimon Adventure Tri as the entire series it will receive a much better score than what I am going to give Part 3 today, but it still doesn’t excuse the disappointment felt with this latest entry.

digimon-tri-3-3The stakes for our Digidestineds are greater than ever and after Meicoomon’s outburst in the last entry and we are left to pick up the pieces to try and figure out a way help her. However it appears there is a much more sinister agenda at foot as a mysterious entity hints at more to come and allies not appearing to be very honest.

To say Digimon Adventure Tri Part 3: Kokuhaku is slow paced, would be an understatement. The first two parts suffered for the same reason but I have a feeling it is all now going to kick off as we are at the hump of the story and ready to ride down into the pool of greatness. (My analogies will become better soon I promise).

The middle of the story is always going to be a weak point for any movie, TV series, comics and even games. We have gone passed the introductions, we have gone passed the build-up and now we are at the point where the story is ready to unfold and engross us into it’s crazy yet delightful mind.

digimon-tri-3-5What Digimon Adventure Tri Part 3: Kokuhaku does extremely well is building up suspense. Every hour that passes is an hour they no longer have. Koushiro works around the clock, figuring out a source for the infestation going around the world. Not only are Digimon at risk, but also the existence of the world’s daily life. Airplanes are making emergency landings all-around the globe due to malfunctions, power outages are frequent and the world’s population are panic buying supplies. The threat is very real and to think it might have steamed from Meicoomon alone is extremely worrying for the characters but extremely exciting for the audience.

While I praised Part 2 for its writing, Part 3 suffers in this department but thankfully not for too long. For you see… there is a lot of apologizing in Part 3. Episode 10 of the Crunchyroll’s Official English Subbed stream (Episode 2 Digimon Adventure Tri Part 3: Kokuhaku) mainly consisted of it and it was very grinding. “I’m sorry!”, “It’s okay!”, “It’s all my fault”, “No it wasn’t”, “But it was!”, “You couldn’t of seen this.”. It was just as repetitive as finding out who loved who in the 2000 movie Battle Royale! Meiko, Meicoomon’s partner is very much entitled to cry and feel responsible and it really does get saddening at times but I feel the writers for this particular part, struggled in finding other ways of showing her emotionally destressed.


Mei is not the only one with regret for her actions as a dangerous secret is possibly about to risk everyone’s life and that person must make the ultimate decision to let their partner go. The risk of being in contact with Meicoomon in her infected state has taken a toll of some of our Digimon friends and its equally as distressing to witness it unfold. You want them to survive this horrible incident, but when an ultimatum is placed in front of them it is heart-breaking to witness and it more than makes up for their previous writing sins.

Like previous entries the sound direction is spot on as emotions are manipulated effectively and the action is made more exciting because of it so there is not really much to discuss here.

digimon-tri-3-2One of my previous complains was the climaxes were often too short and while there is only one fight this time around, it was very exciting to watch. I was glued to my seat the entire time and I don’t think I could have asked for anything better. It was action packed, it was emotional, it was extremely fun to watch.

There is certainly a lot more of the story to tell as we end with visiting a familiar place that many will be happy to see. While I’m sure as soon as my bitching a moaning is over, myself and fans all over the world will get hyped up all over again for Digimon Adventure Tri Part 4: Sōshitsu (Loss), it still doesn’t shake the feeling this was a weak entry.


  • Exciting Climax
  • Ending has us excited for what's to come


  • Very slow
  • Poor scripting at times


So far the weakest entry in the Digimon Adventure Tri Saga, but it does give us a glimps into a more exciting continuation of the story.


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