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Let’s (Re)Dub 999 Pt 1 – It Begins Again

999 is an interactive visual novel for Nintendo DS which puts you in the role of Junpei as he sets out to escape a sinking ship with 8 other players in a game of life and death.


Junpei – Pacoslimee

Narrator– ItWasRed

Clover – Pinkshuchan

Santa – LJ7117

Seven – Martin Lis

Ace – Mr. Biggs Productions

Lotus – Creedkeeper

Snake – Majinboo011

June – Azureblend

9th Man – JamietheComic

About the 999 Let’s (Re)Dub:
We finished dubbing this entire game over a year ago. Being the second project we finished, everyone who worked on it was quite pleased with their efforts at the time. Fast forward to a year, 4 other series, and roughly 150 episodes later. We are so far beyond our previous efforts now in quality that we can barely look at the old version anymore without cringing at old bad habits. Our love for 999 needed a reboot as did the series which is why we are now 100% certain we can finally do it justice. With our new level of quality, improvement, and greater roster of voice actors than ever before, we’re going to reform our previously finished 999 series to something we can be proud of again.

A "Let's Dub" is a form of video that involves a combination of video games, personal commentary, and character voice dubbing. If familiar with the term "Let's Play", one could say a "Let's Dub" is a combination of a let's play and a fan dub.

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