Cards Against Humanity apologies to customer by Trolling them!


Cards Against Humanity… they get paid to troll people

During the Month of Pride, Cards Against Humanity ran a promotion where they created a special expansion pack to celebrate the occasion. You could order the pack in 2 different varieties. You could order the pack with Glitter or without Glitter. Here’s what the special pack looks like;


One fan of the party card game wanted to order their pack with Glitter but was left a little disappointed when she noticed with sold out. Kait Johnson e-mailed Cards Against Humanity to see if their was anything they could do.


Not long after, Cards Against Humanity repsonsed with good news.


Sweet! They actually kept their word.


Aww what a nice note. Might even be a collectable card now.





So Kait finally got her glitter… but it’s not over yet. Card Against Humainty know their audience too well.

SOURCE: Kait Johnson via Instagram

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