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Pokkén Tournament

An idea that we once thought would never become a reality, Pokkén Tournament is the 1on1 Pokémon fighting game everyone deserved. As the title suggests, Pokkén Tournament mixes elements of the familiar and the new. Pokkén Tournament, does a great job in transitioning the feel of the battles experienced in the original games into this new genre for the franchise. The 2 different fighting phases, Field Phase for classic Pokémon action and Duel Phase for traditional fighting action, blends seamlessly together keeping the flow of the game smooth while still making it feel like that action is heavy hitting.

The visuals feel right at home with the designs of Pokémon and the tone of a brawler. However, don’t let the cute graphics trick you, as behind all them colourful creatures and battle grounds, lies a complex fighting system that has the professional eSport players drooling over.

Pokkén Tournament

The Pokémon Company, Bandai Namco Entertainment


Wii U

Release Date
JP July 16, 2015 / WW – March 18, 2016

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