Best MMO

Black Desert

Despite what popular opinion would have you believe. There are not many MMOs out there that can grip you and make you come back for more. Those that force you on a monthly fee may keep you interest out of spite, but one MMO shows you don’t need to lock down your players in such fashion to make them keep coming back for more.

Black Desert may have been a South Korean exclusive for a few years but 2016 gave the rest of the world a chance to experience this amazing world. Filled with a deep, enriched lore, realistic/believable setting, where knowledge is rewarded and not just added as a scrap piece of paper found for the sake of being found.

A game where you can breed pets, build guild castles and combat that is actually fun and fluid. There will always be something to do and you can do it in an MMO with the most beautiful and realistic graphics ever found on a fantasy MMO

Black Desert

Pearl Abyss

MMO, Adventure


Release Date
SKOR – 2014 / WW – March 3, 2016

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