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Trackmania Turbo

Games don’t need to be complicated to be fun. They don’t even need to have the most realistic of physics. They just need to be fun and exciting. Trackmania Turbo is fast, colorful and a weird yet combination of racer and physics puzzler that somehow feels rights. As you speed around a loop with tight controls you begin to realise there is a surprising large amount of content to this simplistic game.

Tracks can last anywhere between 10 to 500 seconds yet each one can keep you just as long, while you repeatedly try to get the fastest time. Multiplayer is where it shines, especially split screen multiplayer. As to try to compete against one another, you feel yourself becoming increasingly competitive to the point you feel you need to make a custom race track in its in-depth builder, just to prove your worth.

Trackmania Turbo


Racer, Physics Sandbox, Puzzle

PC, PS4, Xbox One

Release Date
March 24, 2016

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