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What makes a game stand out on the PC, is its ability to bring a community together. Whether through mods or through the competitive scene. PC is the perfect platform to spawn competitive eSporting events, and one genre to thrive most is the First-Person Shooter, specifically tactical First Person Shooters.

Overwatch has a huge cast of characters with a huge range of abilities, making it prime for eSports and overall addicting gameplay. The Overwatch community can’t get enough. Forums, message boards and YouTube are filleld with Overwatch tips, advice and team up requests, as this game and it encourages you to come back to try out new tactics.

In true Blizzard fashion, the game will still continue to grow with regular updates and free content, so it won’t be in trouble of going stale any time soon.


Blizzard Entertainment

Shooter, Multiplayer

PC, PS4, Xbox One

Release Date
May 23, 2016

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