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Planet Coaster

There is just something about Creative Sandbox Business Tycoon games that just scream addiction. Maybe it’s seeing all the money being made from an idea you had in real life as a kid. Or the fact you like everything to be perfect including making sure your customers are happy. Or even the fact that you still have people buying tickets to your theme park when half of the rides ends up killing everyone who rides them (insert evil laugh)

Whatever the reason, Planet Coaster holds all the tools that gives you the creative freedom to achieve anything you want from it. It encourages you to keep playing to try and create the best possible experience not just for your customers in the game but for yourself. This is a game that rewards you for making the most out of it, whatever way that may be.

Planet Coaster

Frontier Developments

Construction Sim, Management Sim


Release Date
November 17, 2016

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