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Firewatch is a game with a heavy focus on character interaction, but not face to face, but through walkie talkies, but that’s all it needs. Each player and each play through will feature key moments which will always remain the same.

Through clever dialog and strong character building plots elements however, you can choose to interact is different ways that causes a reaction in either the characters or the world. This also affects both Henry’s personality and his relationship with his supervisor Delilah, building towards a personal journey of surviving emotional solitude and dealing with loss.

Very few games leave us with such a lasting impression, as were allowed to connect to fictional characters in such a way like Firewatch. All this was done without seeing the other character, yet we feel like we know Henry and Delilah as family.


Campo Santo

Indie, Adventure

PC, MAC, Linux, PS4, Xbox One

Release Date
February 9, 2016

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