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Good Robot PC Review



Good Robot, Evil Corporation, GREAT GAME! AN INSTANT CLASSIC!

Good Robot from Indian development studio; Pyrodactyl Games, mixes the roguelike, dungeon crawling from The Binding of Isaac and the high speed, adrenaline, bullet dodging action of Ikaruga and I am loving every minute of it!

In the year 2031 (damn not long now), human are no longer able to survive on the Earth’s surface. Until one day PyroCorp stepped in and was able to somehow save the world by building massive underground cities with their army of intelligent robots. Everything so going fine until one day, when the robots lost their minds and killed all humans. Damn you Skyne… I mean PyroCorp! Earth’s and PyroCorp’s only hope in the last remaining Good Robot… you.GoodRobotScreen3

Good Robot doesn’t hold you hand. This is a roguelike, dungeon crawling, bullet dodging ball of excitement. When you first spawn, the area is always the same. a darkened cave with nothing to set off your radar. It gives you a false sense of security, almost as if the first level will be easy… and it can be… sometimes.

As soon as you move around the corner, you are confronted by a ton of enemies and while some may have easy patterns that you can exploit, some will catch you off guard and you need to react fast.

There is no trail and error here, only try, fail and get better. Every time you start again, the dungeon changes. Enemies are not where they were before, you might need to reconsider which upgrades you get and despite the sense of feeling lost and alone, I’ve never felt so much at home.


It’s very simple, arcade, twin stick shooter gameplay, is great for those quick pick up and play sessions. So even if you only have 5 minutes to spare before work, you can hop in and out in time to catch the bus. This isn’t a game where you can complete it in 5 hours. This game is designed to make you come back to beat your high score or see if how long you can last.

Just like any other cave, it can get quite dark down there, but luckily your “Good Robot” is equipped with high beams that lights the way and guides you to safety. But the high beams aren’t just to add to the already great colourful visuals, but they are also a key element to your success. The developers have done something really clever to this by making it impossible to see in the shadows that are casted from your beams. Enemies can hide behind rock formations and you will easily see them but as soon as you try to aim to shoot an enemy the light is also pointing in that direction. So if any of your enemies that you saw clearly before are behind a rock formation and your light shines on it, they are lost from sight.GoodRobotScreen4

The game forces you to multitask, yet it’s not so stressful that it feels like a hindrance. If you want to see an enemy you have to look away. Are those enemies moving behind the shadows? If I move up will they fire their weapons? It adds a great level of strategy and ensures you are not just going in guns blazing. If you want to continue further, you need to react fast, hard and smart.

You have a basic, single bullet in rapid succession attack and your secondary weapons. Secondaries can be found in the caves from your fallen enemies and at shops which can also be easily found in your travels. Thankfully these are not hidden so I was able to get into the shop and out in time before the adrenaline in my body diminished to get back into the game and kill some robot scum.


Secondary weapons consist of grenade launchers, spreaders and many more. To top that off you also have a wide variety of enemies that react in different ways to said weapons. You will find others are more prone to the grenade launcher that you must fire perfectly or risk missing and having it bounce off the wall back to you. Others are better suited for the painful death of the fireball that you can’t fire as often. Pick your poison and watch the results unfold in this surprisingly complex shooter.

The only thing that holds this game back for being perfect, is the forgettable music. The soundtrack is available to buy on steam, but I can ensure you, you wont be missing out on anything decent. It does the job of setting the pace of the game, but apart from the beats to keep the flow of game going, there is not one piece of music that sticks out as memorable.



  • Fun Gameplay
  • Interesting use of lighting
  • Secondary Weapons
  • Difficulty is just right
  • Colourful Visuals


  • Forgettable Music


Good Robot offers exciting gameplay that you are guaranteed to get addicted to. You will die... alot, but that's okay, because the game is well crafted to make you want to come back for more punishment without feeling frustrated as it offers a surprising complex experience that is sure to be a classic.


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