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Let’s (Re)Dub 999 AXE ENDING

Welcome back to Let’s (Re)Dub 999! In this series of bad endings, we tackle the Axe Ending: Arguably the creepiest bad ending with an unexpected twist.


Junpei – Pacoslimee

Narrator- ItWasRed…

Clover – Pinkshuchan…

Santa – LJ7117

Seven – Martin Lis…

Ace – Mr. Biggs Productions…

Lotus – Creedkeeper…

June – Azureblend

A "Let's Dub" is a form of video that involves a combination of video games, personal commentary, and character voice dubbing. If familiar with the term "Let's Play", one could say a "Let's Dub" is a combination of a let's play and a fan dub.

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