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Batman Vs Superman Trailer LEAKS!

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Following the leak Warner Bros have officially released the trailer in glorious HD, which you can see here;

I don’t think I can take any more awesomeness! First we get a trailer for Star Wars Episode 7, then the Attack on Titan Live Action Movie and now a LEAKED Batman Vs Superman Trailer?!

The trailer was due to be released April 20th but it appears some eager fan can’t hold his excitement any longer and wants to show the world.

This is a leak so please be prepared for shaky cam, blurry vision and foreign subtitles I believe are Portuguese.

People see and fear Superman as a God and it is up to Batman to take it out. Does he bleed? We hope so… but in a good way!

I am now officially sold on Ben Affleck, the voice is natural yet menacing and he comes off as dark as you would expect anyone as the Dark Knight to be.

So what do you think? Excited?


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