Boomzap Announces – Legends of Fire & Steel


If you thought RISK could use dragons, magic and a ass kicking bear you can have it!

We at Caiminds are fans of all things geek and otaku alike, but we also can’t get enough of board games especially video game board games and if done right can be just as fun if not better than it’s psychical counter parts. Enter Legends of Fire & Steel from Boomzap Entertainment.


Battle System

After 10 years of creating games, the Singapore developers are turning to Kickstarter to get their game off the ground and are looking for $50,000 to release it fully independent.

From the press release; “Legends of Fire & Steel is an innovative turn-based single and multiplayer fantasy world conquest game mixed with board game and card game mechanics. It is inspired by large, epic strategy games like Civilization, Crusader Kings 2, and Heroes of Might and Magic, but with the shorter playtime and simple controls of a game like Risk, Lux, or FTL.”
LOFS_03_humanLOFS_05_revenant LOFS_04_fae

The game follows the war of three races – Human, Fae, Revenant – across the land of Callasia. Players will get the opportunity to create armies which are led by the heroes (always getting the glory for less work) and used to capture territories in strategic maps. As you would of guessed, the objective is to capture all of your opponent’s castles and take over the world.

Of Course

The developers hopes to fix what they believe to be a common flaw in multiplayer strategy games in hopes of bringing new players to the genre.

“The multiplayer game uses a simultaneous plan and resolution cycle. It removes the tedium of hotseat-style gameplay where players wait for each other to finish their turn. During battle resolution, each unit has an attack type namely missile, melee, or magic.

These go one by one in an auto-resolve order. Mixing and matching these with the heroes’ different abilities allows players to create different strategies in every game.”


The World Map


Check out the Kickstarter video here:

You can back the game over at Kickstarter

Will you be backing? Let us know in the comments.

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