The fall of the not so Channel Awesome


Channel Awesome, previously known as has come under fire today and it’s not looking good for the once acclaimed collaborative website.

Channel Awesome was once a pillar of inspiration for many hopeful online video creators (Caiminds included). After YouTube kept removing Doug Walker’s Nostalgia Critic and Movies in 5 Seconds videos from their platform for copyright infringement, was born in hope a sustainable platform like, (a now defunct video sharing service) can keep their videos online and embeded on their own website. They have enjoyed many years of success, fame and inspiring a generation of content creators.

Today however, all that work may soon be coming to an unfortunate end. Over the years, previous content providers for Channel Awesome slowly began moving away. Rumors were flying around but nothing was ever confirmed as to why so many beloved creators would leave the platform that gave them and continued to give them a guaranteed views.

Today those rumors have came to light, in a tell-all document FOUND HERE. Allegations of an “aggressive, immature, dissicult and misogynisitc” nature from current CEO of Channel Awesome, Mike Michaud and sexual misconduct from CFO (at the time) Mike Ellis, that saw no disciplinary action until over a year later despite evidence.

As to why these allegations have only now come to light, the creator of the docuemnts, Kaylyn Saucedo (AKA Marzgurl) states in the document;

There are numerous reasons why any of us would want to share these stories with you. The biggest one is simply a common belief that the public deserves the right to know about the dealings within this company. When much of this wasfinally becoming greatly public in the middle of March 2018, many people wanted answers to many different questions, and while it seemed like our Twitter feeds were containing all of these answers, Twitters is not an especially easy-to-read format…
Many may wonder what the ultimate goal of releasing the document is. That goal may be different for each contributor. Some may wish to simply get this information off their chest after having held onto it for many years. Others may want the management of Channel Awesome to answer for their many egrgious behaviors over the last decade.
It must be made clear; these contributors are NOT employed by Channel Awesome as some other outlets may have you beileve. As stated by Allison Pregler (AKA Obsurus Lupa) in the document; “We were not employed by CA, CA simply embeds videos on their site. Outside of the Anniversary movies, no Contracts were involed. The only perople paid are the people involved with the Chicago crew.”

One staff member on the site was asked to work every day with no holidays or weekends, yet was terminated without a given reason and forced to sign an “Exclusivity Contract”, preventing this person from working in the industry for 3 years after leaving Channel Awesome at risk or losing their severance pay.

With testimonies from Holly Brown (former HR), Lewis Lovhaug (Linkara), William DuFresne (Suede), Jacob Chapman (JesuOtaku), Benjamin Daniel (Benzaie), Jon Burkhardt (ChaosD1), Dr. Gonzo (Nerd to the Third Power), Leon Thomas (Renegade Cut), Sean Fausz (Epic Fail), Beth Elderkin (Awesome Comics), Cferra (Wiki writer), Topher Ames (Fool Fantastic), Animerica, Tom White and even Lindsay Ellis (Nostalgia Chick), its not’s looking good.

Many creators were also banned from communicating with members of Video Game entertainment website Screwattack as well as prevented from attending Screwattack’s SGC events. “Broken Promises…”terrible communications…they wont link to crowdfunding campaigns…” are some more highlights of the terrible management happening behind the scenes.

These allegations, if true, could be extremely damaging to the once beloved network, but this doesn’t mark the first time Channel Awesome has come under fire as many public drama has surfaced over the years. Content creators publicly encouraging ad blockers, another creator “e-begging”, a crowd funded campaign for an online game show receiving more than their full amount yet still not delivering on their full promises.

Channel Awesome has already made a public statement over these documents, but already fans are calling this apology; “worse than a f***ing Logan Paul apology”. Past creators and fans alike are flocking to Twitter with the hashtag “#ChangeTheChannel”. The creator of this Document has also compiled a list of fans detailing their bad experience with the Channel Awesome, including our very own Robthewonderful, you can find it HERE.

With so many creators high profile talent leaving the site, it is looking extremly bleak for Channel Awesome. Fans are calling for a change of Leadership, a direct appology from management and the faces of Channel Awesome to speak openingly and honestly. Unfortunatly, those pleas may be too late. After the Nostalgia Critic’s return from retirment was met with more critism than praise (I sense irony here), the viewership of the brand plumeted, with only the exposure of YouTube keeping the Nostalgia Critic alive and the website finding itself at a much less view count that when it was at it’s height in popularity.

So, what do you make of all of this? Is Channel Awesome dead to you now? Or will you continue to support and love their content?

When I'm not busy making videos as Jamiethecomic I like to play games, watch anime and my new found hobby writing articles.


  1. The rest of the content producers on this site fill empty chairs. Nobody cares.

  2. Yeah, I’m out. Not as if NC’s reviews are still funny anymore anyway, this is the final nail in the coffin. Just subscribe to the ones not coasting on brand recognition on Youtube, and internet natural selection will take care of the rest.


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