Death Stranding might be closer than we think


The game is in final stages of production.

As many of you may know, Death Stranding is the latest game produced by Hideo Kojima under his new studio, Kojima Productions.

Recently, Hideo Kojima appeared in the Brazilian TV program called The Noite, talking about some new details about the game.
Thanks to some reddit users that translated the show, we now know that the game is currently in the final edition stage. So, the game is almost fully playable.


Kojima compared this stage with the edition process in the movies. He said that “The team is adding new things and making some changes as the process continues”.


Plus, Kojima also confirmed that all the scanning and motion capturing process with the actors is completed.
“The process went as we expected, and it will be released on time”. He didn’t want to specify a release date though.


Mads Mikkelsen’s 3D model without textures

Hideo Kojima and Norman Reedus in the motion capture process

As for the lore, the director confirmed that Death Stranding will offer a surreal and obscure theme, happening in an alternate near future. So, the ecology and the environment will be the main protagonists.


If you want to stay tuned on what Kojima is doing (and maybe catch some fresh news about Death Stranding) follow Hideo Kojima on his twitter.

Lastly, the video interview source (in portuguese):


Update, December 8th:
In The Game Awards 2017, Kojima teased a new and extended trailer of the game, showing more strange features with Norman Reedus. Here’s the trailer:


Are you excited to play this enigmatic game? Let us know in the comments!

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