Fantastic 4 Reboot Movie Trailer Released

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Film goers of Kingsman: The Secret Service were treated with a first look at the new Fantastic 4 Reboot Trailer before anyone else. Now Fox have been kind enough to allow us mortals a chance to check out the new trailer and its… underwhelming.

The 4

Teaser Trailers are a lot more mysterious than the full trailers that come after. A kind of smell of the appetiser months before you are allowed to lick your Spicy Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings before your main course of Curry and rice. I’m hungry now.

It’s obvious they are going for a more darker tone with this one but at a time where classic comic book style movie (Avengers) are really hot right now, has this reboot came a little too late? I kinda get a Man of Steel vibe from it.

But don’t take our word for it! Here is the teaser to the reboot no one asked for:

The movie is set to release 7th August 2015.

Do you agree it’s under underwhelming? Do you still want to see more before you make your decision or has this already ruined your expectations? Let us know in the comments down below.

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