God of War Comes to PlayStation 4


The Ghost of Sparta himself will be making his PlayStation 4 debut in the form of God of War 3 Remastered to help celebrate 10 years of killing gods, but to be fair I don’t think Sony needed much of an excuse to Remaster this one. I have yet to finish God of War 2 HD but as soon as I do I will be happy to play God of War 3 and to hear it’s coming to PS4 well I now have a better excuse to do so… because it means the PS3 pre-owned copy will be even cheaper now.

The remastering will arrive July 14 and Sony states the game will be in 1080p and will be targeting 60FPS. The word “Targeting” doesn’t sound too hopeful but it could be just a precaution to avoid backlash in case they don’t meet it like Uncharted’s Remastering Collection.

In case you don’t remember the Uncharted Remastered Collection was first announced to be in 1080p 60fps but the official site was soon updated to remove the 60fps featured listing as Naughty Dog were struggling to reach that target.

In the last generation we saw a number of HD collections but it seems this generation will be all about the Remastering but hopefully we will be getting our Shadow Hearts HD Yuri’s Collection soon finger’s Crossed!. What games would you like to brought back for the new generation of consoles?

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