God of War Director teases undiscovered Easter Egg


God of War game director Cory Barlog, teases fans in Director Commentry Video.


The hype surrounding the critically acclaimed Santa Monica Studio developed PS4 exclusive, God of War, just doesn’t seem to end. In the latest installment of the God Of War (2018) Director Commentary video series uploaded to the Offical PlayStation YouTube channel, Cory Barlog has hinted at an easter egg that has gone so far unnoticed.

During the first and fan favorite boss battle in the game, you face an unknown adult male, simply known as The Stranger. The Stranger possesses god-like strength, agility and healing capabilities. Nothing is known at this point who he is, but don’t be surprised if you see him again. In the video below, at the 7:25 mark, Cory Barlog can be heard saying; “Wonder what’s on that Mural Behind them? Interesting. Nobody yet has seen that. And I think that is pretty cool.”

Unlike in previous games which are loosely inspired by Greek mythology, this installment takes the series to a Norse mythology that predates the Vikings. So whatever is on that Mural will certainly be connected to those roots and may cause trouble for Kratos later down the road.

Now that this clue has been pointed out, there is no doubt that fans will be able to figure out exactly why it was there and what it means. Do you have an idea of what it means?

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  1. I think I read on Reddit about this morel and I’m pretty sure it was before the video. So either the director didn’t look deep enough of this video was made way before it was discovered.


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