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God of War Meets Attack on Titan in EXTINCTION


Attack on Orges

Only you stand between humanity and Extinction. With a premise like that it’s hard not to get excited as Iron Galaxy and Maximum Games announce Extinction coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

From what we seen so far, its hard not to look past the resemblance of the playstation exclusive franchise; God of War and the hit anime and manga series; Attack on Titan.

As well as a cinematic trailer (seen below) and a few promotion stills, thanks to a press release we also have an idea of what the plot is about; “As far back as anyone can remember, humanity has been at war with itself. For generations, kingdoms have fought amongst themselves while the real threat loomed in the distance. Only those trained in the ways of the ancient order stand a chance at defeating the 150-foot-tall ogres and the armies that trail in their wake. You are one of the world’s last Sentinels, a soldier named Avil, equipped with the skills to battle the endless waves of Ravenii.”

It continues; “In Extinction, you’ll fight massive ogres and their minions across a sprawling countryside, defending cities and rescuing native villagers torn from their homes. Swiftly define your strategy as hordes attack from the ground and air. Use the dynamic skill-based combat system to tactically disarm and dismember enemies before going in for the kill.”

Check out the Trailer Below;

Kraig Kujawa, Game Director at Iron Galaxy, desctibes the game as Fast and Relentless “We’re really happy with the fast, fluid feel of the game and we’re looking forward to showing it behind closed doors at E3.”

“As the protagonist tasked with a huge undertaking – both in fighting enormous ogres and saving humans from disaster – each player’s experience will be varied, as the landscapes and battle situations are never identical,” said Derek Neal, Executive Producer at Maximum Games.

Extinction will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in Q1 2018.

What do you think? Will you be checking it out?

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