Konami stocks Skyrocket after Kojima Fallout


It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of Konami or Hideo Kojima, all gamers know of Konami and Kojima’s split that occurred about a year ago. It was one of the most controversal topics in the Video Game history.

But despite, “protests”, boycotts and universal hate within the gaming community, the former gaming giant, Konami are proving everyone was wrong about them, as their stock prices soar to their highest ever.

Even without producing AAA games, Konami still own a huge market in Sports Gyms, Real Estate, Pachinko Machines, Trading card games (Yu-Gi-Oh!) and TV production. It’s semi-public falling out with Kojima may of hurt them for a few months but the company isn’t exactly in trouble of dying out (regardless if their gaming fans hoped they would).

Regardless of what gamer’s believe, it appears Komani’s strategy in splitting away from AAA game development was a good call for them. Konami’s sub-division; “Konami Digital Entertainment”, still produce video games but these now only consist of the Pro Evo Football series, mobile titles and low costing spin-off titles, like Metal Gear Survive.

Could Konami’s worth be linked to the news they have recently filed a trademark for “TurboGrafx”? TurboGrafx being a retro Video Game Console from  the late 1980s. The move, is leading many to believe Konami still want a place in the gaming market, even if it isn’t a large one.

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