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Remember some time back when Nintendo started claiming copyright for gameplay on Nintendo owned licences? Well now we finally have an explanation as to why they did so. Nintendo has entered into the YouTube’s Multi Channel Network scene.

Nintendo have recently just came into profit thanks to the sales of the latest additions to the Smash series but it seem Nintendo have a long term solution to ensure they aren’t short of money.

Nintendo MCN

Look at that smug Bastard!

The service is currently in beta so if you are with a MCN and all you do is Nintendo game play this is the MCN for you! Just wait for your contract to expire, forget about it for a day and be locked in with your MCN for another full year… the system works.

This is a very strange move, especially for Nintendo but I guess we kinda saw it coming. Could this be a form of censorship to stop loud mouth vulgar YouTubers from damaging their family friendly brand? Or simply to take advantage of this “new” trend and earn back some of the money they’ve lost in recent years? YouTube is now big business so it’s natural for companies to take advantage of it, but a Video Game Publisher/Developer?

Due to legal reasons we can’t share details about the contract, but you can sign up here or just check out the details:

Could this mean other Publishers or Developers would also follow suit? Oh please god don’t do it EA and Ubisoft! What do you think guys?

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