Old Time Hockey Looks Set to Make Hockey Fun Again


With games evolving to look and feel more realistic every day, many developers begin to forget the whole point of Video Games is to be fun. Enter Vancouver based, V7 Entertainment.

Old Time Hockey looks to be that hockey game we used to love on our 16 bit consoles with the 70s flare of classic ice hockey. Old Time Hockey will feature 5-on-5 arcade style hockey gameplay where nothing is off the tables. 70s Afros, larger than life moustaches, no helmets (wouldn’t want to mess up those Afros after all), dirty hits, bench-clearing brawls, goalie fights, stick fights, ref abuse it’s all here.

“Everything from NHL 94, Blades of Steel, to other sports titles like NBA Jam and Tecmo Bowl inspired us. We wanted to recreate that old familiar experience of playing these games on the couch with friends.” says Director Karthik Venkateshan.

Old Time Hockey is set for release in early 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam.

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