Orisa: Overwatch’s new Hero CONFIRMED


Overwatch’s 24th Hero Revealed

After weeks of speculation, Blizzard has finally revealed Overwatch’s 24th hero; Orisa, a robot created by the 11-year-old genius Efi Oladele.

Orisa was created followed a devastation attack by Doomfist in Numbani using discarded defense robot parts that was destroyed in the attack and is described as the “central anchor of her team”.

What we know about Overwatch’s newest hero;

  • Orisa is a Tank hero
  • She uses a protective barrier.
  • Her “fortify” ability allows her to reduce incoming damage.
  • Her protective barrier allows her to shield allies, (similar to Zarya)
  • Her “Halt!” attack is a sort mini-graviton surge that allows her to pull enemies from around corners or slow them down.
  • Her ultimate move is a supercharger that, when thrown, damage boosts allies in line of sight.

You can check out her origin Story here:

Check out her Developer Update video:

Overwatch finally has it’s newest hero… but now what of Doomfist? Doomfist appears to be a new villain. Will he be voices by Terry Crews?

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