Survive! Mr. Cube on track for European June Release!


Test your luck and skills in a new Rogue-lite action game coming in June!

Survive! Mr. Cube has already been out in Asia and North American regions since May and South Korean publisher; Intragames, has confirmed the game is set for release this month in European regions.

Survive! Mr. Cube was developed in-house amazingly by a tiny three-man team. Survive! Mr. Cube is a quarter view Rogue-lite RPG, composed of boxel (Box & Pixel) graphics and a dark, grotesque atmosphere to keep players on their toes. Intragames claims; “Survive! Mr. Cube is designed to test the player’s luck in various aspects. It does not have any complicated rules and the level of difficulty with the chances are pretty much balanced in the game which makes anyone play it easily.”


The story starts with an ordinary man, Mr. Cube, that swallowed a mysterious pill given by a stranger at a pub he stopped by on his way home. After taking the pill he was led to an unknown world and he explores and fights against the monsters. Drugs… not even once!

In this unknown world where Mr. Cube has been summoned, there are a total of 25 stages with 4 different themes. Each stage can only be connected to a portal structure that is protected by a tower that is under seal. The aim of the game is to destroy each tower in order to move to the next stage. Not only does the escape path change when you start a new game, but the bosses that exist randomly change also, making the game unique with each Playthrough. If your Cube Avatar is killed, a new randomly generate Cube character is created with different loadouts including weapons, skills and appearance.


Throughout the level, you can replenish health, boost stats and loot for gold with skeleton chests that are scattered throughout each stage and in these chests. Gold can be used to purchase consumables from a Merchant.

In a statement released to the press; Young-jun Kim, the game director, said; “I am very excited to achieve a goal of developing indie games on console even though it was not easy to get here with a small scale manpower. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Survive Mr. Cube is just our first attempt. Our ultimate goal is to make a well-known domestic console game that’s being played all over the world. We are going to hang on players’ every word and make improvements in errors and on the valuable feedbacks if any. The next one will be more detailed in the storyline with the gameplay and the quality so we ask you for your continuous interest and to support us”

Survive! Mr. Cube published by Intragames is set for release in European regions on PlayStation 4 June 2018.

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