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UK Retailer GAME may soon only sell Pre-Owned Games Consoles


Does this spell the end for UK Retailer GAME?

Screenshot of the Game Interface webpage

UK retailer GAME hasn’t exactly had the smoothest of years as of late and it may be getting worse if a recent customer survey is to be beleived. The GAME Interface program is a monthly survey sent out to those sign up willingly to provide the compnay with helpful feedback on how to improve their service.

Past surveys included topics like; “Which logo would you prefer our new Pre-Owened Marketing to have?” or “Which video commcerical do you think we should air during the Christmas Holidays?” or even “How would you rate this year’s E3?” So, pretty standard stuff.

However June 2017’s survey incldued questions that has some of their participants raising their eyebrows in fear. GAME have asked their survey volenteers; “How would you feel if GAME stopped selling Brand New Games Consoles?” Followed by questions hinting that they will soon only be selling consoles which have been traded in.

Now the meaning behind these surveys should always be taken with a pinch of salt, but it wouldn’t be the first time GAME’s future was up for debate. On 29 February 2012 pre-orders for Mass Effect 3 had to be canceled due to both GAME and Gamestation (also owned by the same parent comany) would no longer stock new titles from Electronic Arts, as a result of the Publisher limiting GAME’s credit terms.

One of many GAME Stores in the UK

In early March 2012 GAME and Gamestation began heavily discounting stock in an attempt to bring in cash ahead of administration. Microsoft and Activision also cut supply of their products to GAME on 15 March 2012 and on 19 March 2012, GAME’s shares where delisted from the London Stock Exchange at its own request.

It wasn’t along after their string of misfortunes that the company entered Administration resulting in all GameStation Stores being shut down along with 277 of GAMES’s 609 UK stores, resulting in 2,104 job losses effective on the 26th March 2012.

It wouldn’t be until June 2014 for GAME to reinlist on the London Stock exchange and since then, the company has been up and down in sales.

Does this come as a shock to many of you? Do you buy from GAME anymore or has internet marketplaces become too much for retail stores to keep up?

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