Cartoon Clipshow: 97 – Dragonlance: Dragons Of The Autumn Twilight

Checking out the only other animated adaptation of a story from the world of Dungeons and Dragons. Dragonlance: Dragons Of The Autumn Twilight is based on the b...

Terror In Resonance/Zankyou No Terror – AB Anime Reviews

Today Hyrule gives you terror as he gives you his anime review of Zankyou No Terror aka Terror In Resonance. Check out my Artist Carly H’s Stuff: Devianta...

Cartoon Clipshow: 96 – Dungeons and Dragons

Rob take a look at the 1983 Dungeons and Dragons animated series. Let’s see if it still holds up.

Grave of the Fireflies – AB Anime Reviews

Get ready to burst into tears as today Hyrule reviews the tragic war story of Seita and Setsuko in Studio Ghibli’s Grave of the Fireflies.

Chobits – AB Anime Reviews

Today Hyrule gives you his review of the 2002 sci-fi romance slice of life anime Chobits. Is it any good? Tune in and find out.

Super Ace Gamer Quickies – Skyblazer

Mike Maverick is back with a new name and a same Ace Gamer Attitude, the Super Ace Gamer.   In this video, he explains why while showing off a niche title that ...

Evil Dead vs Berserk – Hollywood Vs Anime

A new segment on my channel called Hollywood vs Anime where I get into comparing hollywood films and anime. In this video I’ll be comparing Evil Dead to B...

Bathtime With Hinako and Hiyoko – AB Anime Reviews

In this short mini review Hyrule reviews the last of the Hinako Trilogy by reviewing Bathtime with Hinako and Hiyoko. Should be a good splash!

Hand Shakers Anime Review – Anime Bugendai

Things are going to get shaken as Hyrule reviews Hand Shakers to start 2018.

Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt Anime Review – Anime Bugendai

“It’s time to repent!” Because Hyrule is going to be reviewing Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt.

Anime Bugendai – Pupa Anime Review

Hyrule gives his thoughts on the Saw of anime Pupa.

Anime Bugendai – Sword Art Online Anime Review (Revised)

In this review Hyrule goes back and revists one of the anime he has already reviewed, Sword Art Online. Has his opinion changed on the series?

Let’s (Re)Dub 999 Pt 20: Safe Ending (Final)

Welcome back to Let’s (Re)Dub 999! In this episode, the Safe Ending goes out with a bang, but not entirely in the good way for everyone… Cast: Junpe...

Fortune Arterial – Anime Bugendai Review

Fortune Arterial is a high school romance harem series based on the visual novel with the same name, and it’s selling point is vampires. Does this visual ...

Cartoon Clipshow: 91 – Magic Trolls And The Troll Warriors

Learn where Magic Troll babies come from.

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